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Effective Business Writing

Course Overview

Effective Business Writing develops the writing skills of individuals to enable them to communicate effectively.  The workshop aims to equip learners with the skills to write clearly, concisely and correctly.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Write effective sentences and paragraphs
  • Guide readers through writing using signposts words
  • Use language appropriately; write clearly, concisely and correctly
  • Write for internal and external customers
  • Express appropriate tone in business writing
  • Write effective memos, business letters, email and reports

Who Should Attend

For working professionals who need to handle the various types of business writing.

Course Duration

15 hours

Course Outline

1. Reviewing sentence components

Relative pronouns, prepositional phrases, particles with present and past participles

2. Writing sentences

Types of sentences, punctuation patterns, problems of sentences

3. Writing paragraphs

Structure, lengths, transition strategies and devices

4. Using language appropriately

Levels of formality, jargon, slang and idiomatic expressions, biased language

5. Writing concisely

Getting rid of unnecessary words and phrases in sentences, using the active voice not the passive

6. Communicating business matters

Tone in business writing, emphasis in writing, writing memos, letters, email and reports

Medium of Instruction & Trainer : Trainee Ratio

  • Pair work, small group and large group work
  • Case study and discussion
  • Oral and written activities

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

  • Certificate of Attendence from NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd
  • Mapped to Effective Business Writing


Price Type With GST
Course Fee
$ 642.00
Course Fee after UTAP Funding
$ 392.00

Prices does not include pre & post assessment fees and subject to GST and other LHUB miscellaneous fees.

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