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NTUC LearningHub is the only Oracle Approved Education Centre (OAEC) in Singapore and an Oracle Authorized Education Reseller since 2010. We work hand in hand with Oracle University and offer a wide range of Oracle training and certification programs delivered via Instructor-led Classroom Training (ILT), Live Virtual Class (LVC), Training on Demand (TOD) as well as Private Classes.

With around 3 billion devices and 97% of desktops running Java worldwide, Java is clearly the leading language for enterprise development. Therefore many of the world's top companies rely on experienced Java Programmers to build and maintain these critical applications.

Oracle's Java Programmer certication is critical to maximizing your potential and moving your Java career forward. You’ll become more valuable to your current and/or future potential employer, increase job security and improve your future prospects.

The process of becoming Java certified broadens an individual’s knowledge and deepens your skills through exposure to a wide array of important features, functions and tasks. As one prepare for these certication exams, you can work your way through hands-on exercises and labs using real Java code, which expands on your own capabilities as a Java developer.

Enrolling in Java Training will:

  • Introduce you to the Java programming language and technology.
  • Help you develop robust programs and applications more quickly, using any platform.
  • Enhance your skill set to gain a competitive edge.

SSG Funded Java Courses