Mobile Apps Developer (Android & iOS)
Infocomm Technology

Salary Range (SGD)1

Years of Experience

3,000 – 4,000

 6 Years

Mobile Application Developer 

Mobile Application Developers are responsible for creating usable workable programming code based on software requirements. They also maintain and develop programs for organisations, such as applications (‘apps’) for the Android or iOS platforms.

These developers may work independently by being self-employed, or work as part of a team, or with other IT professionals such as software engineers and systems analysts, to provide generic or customised products. Senior Mobile Application Developers may supervise development teams, or move into systems analysis and project management roles. 

What do Mobile Application Developers do?

  • Understanding client requirements to create in-depth specifications for the program
  • Drawing flowcharts of the program’s performance
  • Translating the logic of the program into programming language
  • Installation and testing of the program
  • Anticipating problems and planning solutions
  • Evaluating, troubleshooting, adapting and supporting the program or other existing applications
  • Using programming languages and development tools
  • Conducting user-acceptance testing
  • Updating skillsets and keeping up to date with technology trends

Why be one?

  • IT Development Related Professionals are in demand:

The  IMDA’s Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower for 20152 estimated that they accounted for 48% or 92,600 of the total demand for Infocomm professionals, with software developer jobs being the most in demand.

As at 1 Jun 2015, about 83,800 professionals were employed in IT Development roles and an additional 8,800 roles were vacant.

Employers estimated demand to increase by another 29,800 for these job roles by 2018.

What courses do we recommend to start your career as a Mobile Application Developer (Android & iOS)?

Foundational Courses

Mobile Apps Developer (Android & iOS) Track


Source: Kelly 2016 Salary Guide

* Please note that the salary ranges can only be approximate guides. 

Source: IMDA Annual Infocomm Manpower Survey and