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Basic Monthly Income1:

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 Locally known as: Information Technology Project Manager, IT Project Lead

 Other popular terms:
 IT Program Manager, IT Operations Manager, IT Process Manager, Project Manager, IT Project Lead

What do they do?

The project manager lead a team of specialists to plan, execute and finalize technology projects based on limited time, money scope resources.

Therefore they are always depended on for project plans and regular reports which includes goals, technologies, specialists’ recruitment, cost-benefit, work breakdown structure (WBS) and return on investment (ROI) analyses.

Because of such high requirements for team building skills and business related responsibilities, IT project managers are amongst the highest paid individuals in the IT industry.

Who are ideal for such a role?

As IT project managers are expected to lead and manage individuals instead of task skills, team management and communication skills become somewhat important.

Some of the most successful project managers are described as visionary, great communicators, people oriented, and problem solvers, accountable and last but not least, cool under pressure. In some cases, they are also required to be competence in their relevant field of IT knowledge.

What qualifications or job experiences are required?

Most IT project managers generally need to have at least a bachelor degree in IT or related field while some stringent employers require them to have some technology-related post graduate certifications as well.

Earning an industry-respected marketable credential such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) would serve to validate the skills and expertise of any project managers.

Why be one?

Usually starting off as project contributors who focus on tangible tasks, employers tend to handpick and promote them to managers for their good communication skills, accountability and good organizational skills.

IT project managers are one of the fastest growing career paths as more companies are using work teams and project-based methods to get business done. There are some key advantages below:

  • Project Managers are in Demand:

In 2013, there were 12,500 IT project and service managers who form a significant size of about 18% of all available IT Development roles4.

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)3 estimated that IT Development roles (including project managers) are the most demanded and accounted for 41.2% or 68,000 of the total demand for Infocomm professionals. As at 1 Jun 2014, about 60,800 professionals were employed in Development roles and an additional 7,100 roles were vacant. Employers estimated demand to increase by another 10,800 for these job roles in the next three years.

  • Higher Pay Grade than IT service Managers: 

    The basic monthly wage1 for IT project managers’ stands around S$8,300 but their fellow IT services managers only bring home about S$6,316.

What do we recommend?

To upskill yourself, we recommend the following certifications:

Project Management Best Practices and Methodologies

Project Management Tools


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