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Database Administrator

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 Locally known as: Database designers and administrators and database architects

 Other popular terms: Data specialists, database administrators (DBA), MS SQL database administrators (MS  SQL DBA), Oracle database administrator (Oracle DBA), business intelligence analysts, data analysts and data  warehouse consultants

What do they do?

In medium to large enterprises, database administrators plays a pivotal role in an organizations success by
ensuring that business data remains accurate, readily available and secured.

Essentially, they are very much required in the planning, building, integrity and security of the database.

Some database administrators are receive requests to help analyze and report on corporate data that help
shape strategic business decisions.

Who are ideal for such a role?

Being a database administrator requires one to be a natural problem solver and meticulous as well.

This is not a job to be taken lightly as administrators has to double check their working implementations
in a mission critical environment and must be on the ball to solve business challenges.

Being business minded can be very helpful for them as they need to be able to demonstrate their
understanding of the business and communicate their views confidently

What qualifications or job experience are required?

Database administration positions typically needs at least a bachelor degree in IT or business related
fields such as accounting or management.

Database administrators can further distinguish themselves from the crowd with specialized certified
knowledge in Oracle 12c/11g or Microsoft SQL server technologies.

Why be one?

Despite stringent qualifications and lesser places in the job market, database administrators can find
personal satisfaction in being able to see how their hard work translate into value for their companies.

While the basic monthly wage1 for database administrators starts at S$5,905 but they can carve a
niche by specialising into job roles such as business analysts and data scientists.

What do we recommend to start your career as Database Administrator?

Foundational Courses

Oracle Database 12c Track

Microsoft SQL 2016 Server Track



1 Extracted from Ministry of Manpower (Occupational Wages 2014) for role of Database Administrators.

2 Extracted from Ministry of Manpower (Occupational Wages 2014) for role of Database Administrators.

3 Extracted from Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower for 2014.